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What’s so good about Reading? by Alec Williams


Reading is fun.  From the first experience of chanting nursery rhymes, laughing at strange-sounding words, and turning pages with an adult, reading offers a life-long pleasure.  We owe it to children to help that pleasure last throughout their lives, and to sustain it during their teenage years is one of the greatest challenges.


Reading is unique.  Where other media will deliver the plot superbly well, books also allow you to get under the skin of the characters, and hear their thoughts.  The ‘slow-build’ of a gripping story is an experience that can last for hours or even days, and although, in a busy world, it’s more ‘time-hungry’ than a 90 minute movie, the experience will often live in the mind for far longer.


Reading makes you feel good.  It enhances health and well-being.  It can be relaxing and stress-busting.  It can take you out of yourself and away from life’s pressures.  Unlike films and TV, the reader is always in control – you can choose how scary the characters should be!


Reading helps you make sense of yourself.  It gives children different perspectives on life, and can help them understand themselves better.  It’s empowering, because through it they learn new things, gain mental balance, dream dreams.  It gives them a sense of cultural identity – it helps them shape, store and reflect on their past and their future, testing problems and possible reactions to them vicariously.  It helps them build decision-making skills, based on new information and perspectives.


Reading connects children to each other.  It can help them see other points of view; it connects them to wider worlds and ideas.  It gives them insights into other cultures and other ways of thinking.  It can build tolerance.  Reading often brings children together when they share their reading – actually or virtually.  It helps them understand and value the world’s diversity, heritage and cultures.  ‘We read to know that we are not alone’ (C S Lewis).


Reading is a creative act.  Children use their own imaginations to bring the writer’s text alive.  Because reading fires the imagination it can inspire children to produce their own creative work.


Reading leads to learning.  Reading continually informs, and allows learning for life.  It helps children develop skills of literacy, interpretation and expression.

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