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School Development Plan

The School Development Plan (SDP) is the document that articulates the school's annual priorities and targets. The plan is informed by issues arising from analysis of pupils performance in assessments (including national tests), the outcomes of monitoring carried-out by senior leaders/governors, changes to legislation  and best practice.

The School Development Plan runs from October to October and divided in to four focus areas.  Each focus area has over-arching targets, success criteria and specific actions / responsibilites. Progress with the SDP is monitored and evaluted termly by the school's governors in liaison with the senior leadership team.

2015-16 School Development Plan Focus Areas 

FOCUS AREA 1 (Achievement of Pupils)

To address the key attainment and progress issues identified from data analysis and tracking

  1. AfA (Achievement for All) / AE (Achieving Early)                                                                                                                               To successfully implement and embed AfA (Achievement for All) or AE (Achieving Early) practices across all cohorts in the school.
  1. To increase the proportion of pupils achieving the higher standard of attainment (‘working at greater depth within the expected standard’)  in maths and reading by the end of KS1
  1. To increase the proportion of identified higher ability readers  who achieve the higher standard (‘working at greater depth within the expected standard’) and highest attainment measure band by the end of KS2
  1. To ensure that the large majority of pupils achieve (or exceed) the age-related expectations for their year group (Reading, Writing & Maths)
  1. To continue to close attainment gaps for vulnerable pupil groups (particularly those in receipt of Pupil Premium) through the provision of highly effective academic and pastoral support programmes. 

Responsible Governor(s): Kevin Hennessey, Margaret Collins (AfA & Pupil Premium) & Emma King (Pupil Premium)

FOCUS AREA 2 (Quality of Teaching)

To further improve the consistency and quality of teaching and learning across the school 

1.         To further develop the quality and impact of marking and feedback across the school and ensure that all pupils, including those from vulnerable groups (particularly Pupil Premium), fully engage in the marking and feedback process.

2.         To enhance the provision for More Able Gifted &Talented pupils (MAG&T) within daily teaching  (questioning, differentiation, extension & challenge)

3.         To focus maths and English teaching upon ensuring that pupils’ understanding of key concepts is deep and embedded and that pupils can apply their understanding in a range of contexts (to demonstrate depth of learning & understanding  or ‘Mastery’).


4.         To improve the quality of pupils’ handwriting and ensure that all pupils have a fluid and legible handwriting style appropriate to their age. 

Responsible Governor(s): Maeve Kelly and Curriculum & Standards Committee

FOCUS AREA 3 (Curriculum & Assessment)

  1. To further improve the consistency and accuracy of summative assessments in English, maths and science

- use of standardised assessments to benchmark and support Teacher Assessment judgements.

-increased  moderation of children’s work (particularly in writing)

  1. To develop a whole-school approach to recording, measuring and comparing pupil attainment and progress in non-core subjects


  1. To develop a more structured approach to the use of intervention programmes, particularly for the Pupil Premium group, that is more tightly focussed upon ‘next step’ skills and measuring / evidencing incremental progress.

Responsible Governor(s): Keiran Byrne and Curriculum & Standards Committee


FOCUS AREA 4 (Religious Dimension):

1.         1.  To implement ‘A Journey of Love’ as the primary Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) Scheme of Work

2.         2. Promote Diocesan focus on the Year of Mercy (2015-16), and provide opportunities for pupils of a greater range of forms and experiences of prayer and worship (development of Spirituality) including further developing the use of ICT as a tool to enrich pupil experience of prayer and worship

3.        3.  To provide further opportunities for pupils to learn about consecrated Vocation to the Christian religious life and Other Faiths using primary sources  throughout the School

Responsible Governor(s): Kevin Hennessey.



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